Introduction to Axis Stamps and Postal History


    The first agreement of military collaboration between two countries was Germany and Italy when they signed the "Pact of Steel" in May 1939. The Axis partnership was completed on 27 September 1940 when the Tripartite Pact was signed in Tokyo between the Ambassador's of Germany, Italy and Japan just four months and fives days after the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The Axis countries comprised of the following for Germany: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Vichy France, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovakia. While Japan had the following countries: Burma (Puppet Government), China (Nanking Puppet Government) and Thailand.

    Concerning the Axis countries I will only focus about those nations that declared war or participated in German invasion of the Soviet Union.

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    Italian Axis postcard

    Italian Axis Postcard




    During the early stages of Operation Barbarosa, with the exception of the Finnish, the Italians, Romanians, Hungarians and Slovakians provided enough manpower and equipment to invade Russia. Unfortunately all these nations were not prepared for an extended war and they were ill-equipped. The heavy military equipment was inadequate and obsolete against the Russian heavy weaponry, especially for Winter War. Only the Germans to a point had enough material to sustain an extended war.

    Axis Postage stamps

    Axis Postage Stamps

    Axis Propaganda Stamps

    The Axis countries issued postage stamps and postal cards showing their military contribution in the Eastern Front. These postal issues provided an important propaganda role that encourage servicemen and civilians with a sence of patriotism.

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