Walloon Legion Stamps and Postal History

    Postal History

    Free postal privileges for mail weighing up to 250gms, were given to Walloons while serving in the German Arm-forces. A fee of 3 Francs was charged for mail weighing 250 to 1000gms.

    The separatist Walloons issued a set of four propaganda labels for the Wallonien Legion shown below.

    Walloon Legion Stamps

    Walloon Legion Stamps

    On 10 April 1942, a set of four labels printed in miniature sheets of four, were placed on sale in Brussels. The price value and design is different for each label. These labels have the French inscription "LEGION WALLONIE/POSTE DE COMPAGNE."
    1. 20 Francs, green color, showing a mounted knight before troops.
    2. 30 Francs, brown color, showing Leon Degrelle holding banner.
    3. 50 Francs, blue color, showing Legionnaires in rank.
    4. 100 Francs, red color, showing a Legionnaire defending symbolic figures.
    These labels did not have postal value. The sale of these labels was used to benefit the Legion.

    Walloon Propaganda Postcard

    Walloon Propaganda Recruiting Post Card

    The post card shown was issued to enlist young men in joining the Walloon SS Sturmbrigade. Notice the propaganda value showing medievel knights with modern soldiers.
    By June 1943, 1600 volunteers were incorporated into the Waffen-SS, the majority veterans from the Legion The formation along with another 400 recruits was sent to a training camp near Meseritz. Then it was sent to the training camp at Wildflecken, where it was better equipped.
    On 3 July 1943, it was designated the "Freiwilligen Sturmbrigade der SS Wallonien" and was placed under the command of Lt-Col Lucien Lippert with the SS rank of Obersturmbannfuhrer. On November 1943, the Sturmbrigade was sent to the Ukraine and was assigned to the famed 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking.

    Walloon Propaganda Postcard

    Walloon Legion Recruiting Slogan

    Above shows the reverse of the postcard with the recruiting slogan to join the Walloon SS Sturmbrigade and the location of the recruiting headquarters.

    Walloon Propaganda Postcard Walloon Propaganda Postcard

    Walloon Legion Recruiting SS Brigade Card

    Early rare legion propaganda card showing on the reverse a printed "SS Brigade d'Assaut Wallonie" recruitment slogan.

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