SS Pz-Visor Cap


Below is a very rare private purchase Waffen-SS Panzer visor. The Visor Cap for NCO's and enlisted was first introduced in 1939. The various branch colors were only authorized for an 8-month period that started in April and ended in November 1940. The visor posted below is made in "feldgrau" ( gray-green ) colored wool"Eskimo wool."
The cap has a black felt base material band, which measures 4.5 cm wide. The cap band and crown is piped in "hot pink" ( Panzertruppen waffenfarbe), which is the designated branch color assigned to Panzer units.
It has a 14.5 mm wide black leather chin strap, which is secured at each end by black laquered button.
The visor is made of black shiny lacquered "Vulkan Fiber"and measures 4.5 cm. wide at the front.
The underside has reddish-brown color with some very light, "age-crazing" lines and measures 4.5 cm wide at the front.

The sweatband is made of thin leather and is gray color, which matches the color of the lining. The lining is made of artificial silk material and is greenish-blue.
On the center part of the lining is a wide diamond shape stiff transparent cellophane sweet shield.

The eagle and skull are made of zinc and are the quality RZM types. The insignias are really pressed into the cap so I can't see the reverse.

SS Pz-Visor Cap SS Pz-Visor Cap SS Pz-Visor Cap SS Skull SS Eagle SS Pz-Visor Cap

SS Panzer Visor Cap

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