Norwegian Legion Awards

    Norwegian Proficiency badges

    Norwegian Awards Norwegian Awards

    These proficiency badges were strictly awarded to members of the Norwegian Army. They were instituted during the reign of King Haakon VII. The first badge is a bronze Army sharp shooter proficiency badge. This badge was instituted in 1924 until 1945 and came in three classes: bronze, silver and gold.
    The military marching proficiency award was first instituted in 1915 until 1936 and it illustrated a soldier marching with a blue enamel background. By 1936 until 1945 another badge with the same design was awarded in silver class only.
    It was presented to those soldiers that march, ran and walk 30kms carrying 11kgs of gear and weapons.
    These badges were allowed and worn on German uniforms.
    Illustrated is a Norwegian SS volunteer wearing such awards, picture courtesy of Derek.

    Norwegian Nasjonal Samling Party

    The Norwegian Nazi party was founded by Vidkun Quisling in May 1933. This political movement was called the "Nasjonal Samling" (National Unity). By February 1942 Hitler appointed Quisling as Minister President of Norway, however, it was Reichskommissar Terboven who had the real power especially since Norway was an occupied country.

    Norwegian Awards

    Norwegian Political Insignia

    Quisling political party used the so-called "sun cross" of Saint Olaf (Patron Saint of Norway) as their national emblem. The metal insignia shows an open-winged eagle clutching the circular sun cross, which shows vertical ribbed red painted background. The reverse shows a hollow back with three slender prongs. The eagle and sun cross have faint remnants of its original silver wash. The silver class would indicate that it was worn by "Nasjonal Samlings Ungdoms-Fylking," the NS Youth organisation. This insignia was worn on the visor or field cap. The membership badge has a golden circular sun cross on a red enameled background. The reverse is golden with a safety pin held by means of a small square plate. The civil N.S. membership badge was worn on left breast pocket of the uniform or civilian clothing.

    GSSN& Nasjonal Samling Membership badges

    HIRD Badge

    "Førergarde" membership badge

    Very rare badge, awarded to those men who had been accepted as full members of the "Førergarde" (Quisling's personal bodyguard). The Førergarde was made up of 250 hand-picked volunteers. Total number of these badges awarded were approx. 300.
    The badge has a silver oval ring surrounding the black enamel. Surmounted on top is Quisling's party emblem, which is a raven clutching the suncross. In addition, the badge has Quisling initials "VQ" shown in white color.
    The reverse is stamped "830S" and membership number 264.

    Quisling's personal bodyguards were led by the following Commanders:
    Sveitfører Carlsson (20 April 1942 - 1 April 1944).
    Sverre Henschien (1944 - 1945).
    Sveitfører Sophus Kahrs (Feb 1945 - May 1945).

    Special thanks to Mr. Bjørn Jervas for providing the information and allowing me to post his wonderful rare badge

    GSSN Badge

    Støttende Medlem" membership badge

    Another very rare badge, the "Støttende Medlem" badge, which was "awarded" or handed out to anyone who paid the Germanske SS Norge. Members only paid 1 Krone a year.
    The badge has an oval shape with the letter intials "S" meaning "Støttende" (SS) and "M" meaning "Medlem" (supporting) with the runes in the center.
    The GSSN had more or less 3500 aiding members.

    The man that owned this badge was first in the "frw. legion Norwegen" in the 14 kp(pak). Later was assigned to the 14 kp rgt "Norge" and finaly transferring to the SS-Standarte "Kurt Eggers." Special thanks to Mr. Øyvind for the information and allowing me to post his rare badge

    Front-Fighter& Police Cross Awards

    The Party under Vidkun Quisling produced and issued many awards to legion volunteers and party members. One of the most recognizable and prestigious awards is the "Frontkjemper" Front-Fighter badge.

    Front Fighters Badge

    The Front-Fighters Badge

    The Norwegian "Frontkjemper" Front-Fighter badge shown on the left was instituted in October 1943, by Vidkun Quisling and awarded for bravery to Waffen-SS Norwegian legionnaires and German cadre who saw action on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945.
    This badge was made by the Oslo firm "Webeto" and was issued in one class only, silver. Aksel Holmsen was a very famous Norwegian silversmith and designer.

    The badge shows a Nordic warrior holding a shield and drawn sword, and standing in an archway, which bore the lettering "FRONT KJEMPER" (Front Fighter) in pseudo runic script. There exist two types of Front-Fighters badge. The first type is a silver version, high quality badge with sharp details. The early type badge has a twisted "M" in "frontkjeMper" later these badges had the "M" shape into a normal look.

    Front Fighters Badge

    On the reverse it shows in the center the convex shape of the shield and just below it a serial number either "830" or "830S," which is the silver content. However, originals should have the "830S" silver content and the Norwegian symbol "W" (maker's mark for the manufacturer Webeto) on the bottom right side of the badge as illustrated. There is also period made badges with the silver content "830S."
    The needle should be thin and have a good small hinge. The catch is also thin and looks like a "C." These silver badges should have a nice patina in the deepest areas of the relief.
    Note: there is also a known badge with "935" shown on the reverse center just below the shield but this could be a post-war made.

    Recent information has surface about a former employee of Holmsen that made in the late 1945, zinc badges for veterans that lost their awards. The gray zinc types are pre-war productions. The reverse is plain and flat. The pin is thicker made of steel treated with gun metal backing and it is held by a rectangular hinge and a thicker catch.

    Some zinc and silver badges have the mechanical type catch, which locks the pin in place. The silver post production types have a German style catch and pin on the reverse and silver content "830." The badge was also awarded to nurses who served on the Eastern Front. A small miniature version was issued for veterans to wear on civilian clothes.

    Interestingly, another similar badge was produced, showing a Nurse helping a wounded soldier. Recent picture evidence has surface showing a Norwegian nurse in captivity wearing such a badge. A special award document showing the Front fighters badge was presented. Interestingly, the Norwegian Postal Administration issued a postage stamp showing the Front-fighters badge(see Legion Stamps).

    Police Cross Badge

    State Police Honor Cross

    Jarnkruss: A special decoration was awarded, which was probably instituted in 1941, to frontline volunteers in the "Norwegen Polizei Kompanie" (Norwegian SS Police Companies) that served briefly with the "Legion Norwegen" and later with the "SS-Skijager Btl "Norge." This was referred to as the "Jarnkross-Rikspolitiets Hederstegn" (State Police Honor Cross). An award document illustrating the Honor Cross with the facsimile signature of Jonas Lie (Head of the Norwegian State Police) was presented to the volunteers. The badge itself was made of solid metal stroke. The front side of the silver cross exist with either a thin enameled metal shield or painted shield, and are either solder or attached by means of a rivet on the reverse center part of the cross. The shield shows the "Saint Olaf's" Cross, which represents the Norwegian Political Nazi Party symbol "Hird." The obverse is flat with no markings. The needle pin is thin and has a small hinge. It has been debated among collectors whether or not the hook should be a "C" or a mechanical catch. I have seen them with both the "C" style catch and the mechanical closure type.

    In addition, there is also a 2nd class award with yellow and red ribbon for State Police and Border Police (Grepo/Stapo), and a green ribbon for detectives given to police employees.

    Brave and Faithful Order

    Quisling Award

    Brave and Faithful Award

    The Quisling Government made war merit and bravery orders for Norwegian volunteers and Hird servicemen who fought in the Eastern Front. This bravery award was only issued once but immediately Hitler gave orders prohibiting to be worn on German uniforms. Preferential status was giving to German awards.

    Various classes of these awards were certainly made. Some of these orders were supposed to be equivalent to the German "EK1" and "EK2."

    Not much is known about these orders except that they were produced by the firm "Corneliusen & Olsen" in Oslo.

    The first being produced in 1942/43, which shows only the date "1941"marked in the center of the cross
    The reverse is marked with the inscription "TAPPER OG TRO" (Brave and Loyal).

    The cross illustrated on the left side is the 2nd class unfortunately the ribbon is missing.
    The first class does not have a ribbon.

    Later in 1944 the date was removed or covered up by adding in the center the Hird emblem. The eagle is clutching the sun cross. The swords and eagle are gilted and the sun cross is gilted with a red enameled. The red and gold colors on the ribbon represent Quisling N.S. party colors. According to some sources these were made into a political award. The cross on the right side is the 2nd class with ribbon.

    Jens Holstad Frontkjemper Awards

    Jens Holstad

    Jens Holstad was born Jan 11, 1924 Drammen, Norway.

    He is the holder of the "Frontkjemper" badge with citation and member of the Hird party.

    He was an early "Den Norske Legion" volunteer, attached to the 1st Co.
    He had the rank of Untersturmführer and left the legion on June 21, 1943.
    Jens Holstad died in Feb 1996 in Oslo.

    I would like to thank Mr. Hasse Holstad, the oldest son of Jens Holstad for his kind permission in permiting me to post his father's military information on this web site.

    Front-Fighter Awards

    Front-Fighter Award Document

    Front-Fighter Award Document

    Jens Holstad was awarded the Frontkjemper on November 1, 1943.
    This Citation was signed by three men: Quisling, Noreger and Lundesgaard.

    Norwegian Labor Insignia

    Jens Holstad

    Norwegian Labor Service "Arbeids-tjensten AT" was established in September 1940. By 1941 some 600 future leaders had been trained. Service was compulsory but only 6000 were actually called up in the first draft.
    On top is a very scarce cloth badge of the boys section of the AT. Also shown is a cap badge for officer ranks. National cockcade, AT bottom, silver vertical braid on grey backing. Below is a national cockcade.

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