I am selling or trading some items from my collection. All items are original base on my extensive research unless stated otherwise. Seven day return no question ask policy from when the items arrives.
Postage and Insurance will be charge separately depending on where the item is mailed.

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I'm currently looking for a Theodore Eicke BeVo Cuff Title. If you have one for sale please notify me?

SS My Honor is Loyalty Very rare SS card by Felix Albrecht "My Honor is Loyalty." The card has three panels illustrating SS men. The card has minor creases as you can see however it is unused and is very rare. If available in the web it will cost anywhere from $1200 and up. NEW PRICE $460.00
Forman's Guide to Third Reich German Awards 2nd Edition Out-of-print used reference book hardcover 288 pages hundreds of photos of medals and awards of all various military and political organizations price guide. Currently other web sites are selling it as much as $117.00. New Price $45.00
LAH Bender Book Fantastic out-of-print reference book in great condition almost mint illustrating hundreds of pictures relating to the SSLAH Division. Original signatures from Stan Cook and R. James Bender New Price $70.00
SS Spanish Volunteers in the Heer & SS Great book relating to Spanish Volunteers in the SS. SOLD
Third Reich Postcard Catalogue Fantastic used out-of-print Third Reich catalogue book by Willi Bernhard. Illustrating 615 black and white and color postcards from 1933 to 1945. Printed in 1975. SOLD
Estonian Catalogue Postal book by Vambola Hurt and Elmar Ojaste Amazing hardbound gray color Estonian catalogue book printed in 1986 by the Estonian Philatelic Society in New York and Sweden. This massive out-of-print book in great condition has about 780 pages with information from the beginning of the Estonian postage history all the way to 1986. It is written in English and German. All the stamps, postal cancels, Essays, Maps, Sheet Positions, Censorship markings, postal covers, etc. are illustrated. SOLD
Reimer Third Reich Postal Censor Catalogue Fantastic used Third Reich censorship catalogue book by Karl-Heinz Reimer. Illustrating all the censorship markings and sealling tapes from the Third Reich. Written in German a must for Third Reich Postal History Collectors. SOLD
SS and Political Cuffbands A collectors Guide to SS and Political Cuffbands by Ulric of England. The book is in great condition. SOLD
6. SS Gebirgsdivision Nord picture book Used scarce and out-of-print picture book illustrating the 6th SS Mountain Division Nord including Norwegian volunteers." The book is large format and has over 350 pictures with captions written in German.
The book is in very good condition and the dust cover is laminated to protect it.
The book is very hard to find.
Detecting the Fakes Good used book on how to detect fakes SOLD
Collecting Military Badges of the Third Reich Great out-of-print book by Michael Tucker illustrating close-up pictures of manufacture marks, catches, hinges, etc. Very good condition with dust cover. SOLD
The Captive Dreamer This is a rare out-of-print book written by the famous author Christian de la Maziere relating the story of a French SS volunteer. The book and Dust cover are in great condition. NEW PRICE $50.00
RSI Awards This is an excellent Italian RSI military decoration picture book. The captions are written in Italian and English. Very good unused condition. SOLD
Waffen-SS Massive Waffen-SS picture book in excellent mint condition. 580 pages with over a thousand photos of SS troops, maps and charts. This is the best photo history of the Waffen-SS ever produced. The dust cover has been laminated but has a small wrinkle on the reverse lower backside. The price is very reasonable, they sell for much more!
English and German text.
NEW PRICE $70.00
SS book This is a complete alphabetical list with the biographical careers of all the important individuals of the SS from the early days to the fall of Berlin. Hard cover with cover sleeve in great condition. $20.00
German propaganda cards Pre-WW2 color German propaganda cards written in Dutch. One left $25.00
Estonian Register Cover Very nice and scarce Estonian Register cover with German occupation stamps and regular "Ostland" stamp mailed to Riga, Latvia. $75.00
"Zep Covers" Nice pair of South American Condor Air service covers. Tied multiple Condor cancels w/special Condor/Zep transatlantic service cachet. Flight LZ-127 Graf Zep.
Also Condor Air Service cover unfortunately stamps were removed but were later added.
New Price $30.00
"DO-X Cover" Nice Do-X cover with first flight Europe-South America cachet. SOLD
Anti-jewish propaganda label A rare Belgium anti-jewish propaganda label, illustrating a red skull with the inscription "Outside Jews" written in French and Dutch languages. Notice the interesting "Odalrune" symbol. SOLD
"SS Frundsberg Covers" Nice set of two SS-Feldpost covers mailed by member in the SS Frundsberg Pz Div. NEW PRICE $35.00
Norwegian Legion Feldpost Lot A small lot of (5) covers with contents, the only exception is the Norwegian Feldpost. Interesting postal history relating to an early volunteer Conrad Lauritsen who was a member of the "Nasjonal Samling" Party since 1934. He was in the Norwegian Army and was one of the founders of the voluntary Labor Sevice "AT" in 1936.He later joined the Wiking SS Division and was KIA on 25th January 1942. The Norwegian volunteer was attached to the 3rd Co./II Btl./Germania Rgt of the Wiking SS Division, which is indicated in the senders FPN 33576C and unit seal. On top you can see where the Norwegian inscription "Faltpost" was covered up with a dark purple chemical marking. SOLD
Norwegian Legion Feldpost Lot Illustrated are two early covers, which are part of the lot. On top is a German postal cover sent by the Nowergian volunteer who was in Dresden as part of the Norwegian Labor Corps. Below is a postcard of the Norwegian military training camp where the soldier was attached.
Flemish Langemarck Feldpost This feldpost cover has four Flemish overprinted labels, all postally stamped with the German Feldpost cancel very rare on cover. Search the web sites for these rare stamps and you will not find them for less then $350.00 for a set of four especially in used condition, Very Rare!The overprints, which are illustrated in different colors show a "JU-52 Transport plane" and the year "1943." These O/P labels where issued in 1943. The cover was sent to FPN 12428/36th Panzer-Grenadier Division. During October 1943, the 36th Pz-Gren Division was reduced to a battle group strength after the combat looses obtained from the Battle of Kursk. It was immediately attached to the 268th Infantry Division. The stamps themselves are rare and on cover even more. SOLD
"Croatian Legion" This one is a favorate a nice rare propaganda recruiting postcard for the Croatian Legion, which fought in Stalingrad. SOLD
"Croatian Legion" Nice Croatian cover mailed via Feldpost to a Croatian volunteer who was in training in Germany, very nice historical cover. SOLD
"Feldpost 15th Pz Div" Nice small collection of Feldpost covers mailed by a member who was in the 13th Inf. Div and later incorporated into the 15th Pz Div., which fought in northern Africa. New Price $25.00
"Blue Division" Volunteer Spanish "Blue Division" cover mailed to Spain by member assigned to FPN 15997C/3rd Co./3rd Btl./Inf. Rgt. 263.
The cover was mailed in late July 1943 from the Eastern Front. The cover comes with contents of the son writing to his Mom.
The cover has a Berlin "Ab" censor marking and a fainted Feldpost cancel showing the number "43" which is the last two digits of the year.
"Volksdeutsche" Volunteer A nice cover with Italian postage sent to a "Volksdeutsche" from Bolzano, Upper Tyrol region of northern Italy.

No postage would have been required for mail sent to a soldier via the German feldost system.
Since it was mailed via the local post office an Italian postage was applied.
Scarce to find this stamp on cover bound to the Eastern Front.
The Italian stamp illustrates a nice picture portrait of Hitler and Mussolini facing each other.
In the background shows a German tropper standing in attention behind Hitler likewise with an Italian trooper standing in attention behind Mussolini.

The cover was mailed to FPN 07466E, which was assigned to the German 4th Co./ 436th Inf. Gren. Rgt./132nd Infantry Division.

This Division fought in the Crimea campaign and in the Siege of Sevastopol.
By the summer of 1942 it remained on the northern sector of the Eastern Front. It ended the war in the Courland Pocket.
"Volksdeutsche" Volunteer The reverse shows that it was opened by the Italian and German Censors.
A "Sealing Tape" was applied by both Countries to cover up the opening. In addition, censorship stampings were applied as well.
Serbian Volunteer in OT Interesting and rare Serbian Register cover mailed during German occupation by a Serb in the "Organisation Todt" as noted by the "O.T." initials found on the reverse side of the sender's address.

The cover shows a propaganda "Anti-Bolshevic" label, which was probably posted by the German propaganda postal office.
The cover shows a blurred postmark from Petrovac and is dated November 18, 1943.

A bilingual censor "Sealing Tape" and boxed violet marking "84/Bgd" was applied
Italian Propaganda Card Nice Italian propaganda postcard illustrating an Italian "Black-Shirt" party man and a German SA "Brown-Shirt" united in the struggle against Bolshevism. In the background are Italian troops with flags from the axis countries.

Interesting and scarce card mailed from a member in the Italian 8th Army Corps, which was on the Eastern Front.
"CSIR Covers" Nice set of two cards mailed by Italian soldiers who were in the Russian Front. SOLD
Estonian Volunteer in Finland Rare Finnish Christmas postcard mailed by an Estonian volunteer in the Finnish Army "200th Infantry Regiment." The card has numerous Finnish censored markings. New Price $35.00
"Croatian Utashi" covers Two scarce Croatian covers with official Party postal cancels. Front side only, still nice Utashi related items. SOLD
RSI-Feldpost RSI-German Feldpost cover mailed by an RSI serviceman FPN 83969/2nd Btl Pioner "Nettuno." This censored cover shows both the German feldpost cancel and Italian cancel and comes with letter. SOLD
Feldpost Feldpost cover mailed by a German guard, FPN 58226/STAB RUSS ARBEIT 2 (Russian Labor Camp). $15.00
French Volunteer Labor Cards Two German stationary cards mailed by a French worker in Germany. Nice "Ae" censorship marking. $12.00
"German Cards" Nice set of three postcard from the Third Reich. $12.00
"German Cards" Nice set of three postcard from the Third Reich.
"DP Latvian Commitee" Nice Baltic Deportation Latvia cover. New Price $20.00
"DP Latvian Commitee" Nice Baltic Deportation Latvia cover.
Hungarian Feldpost A small lot of (3) Hungarian Field covers including a rare Field Register cover. I've seen single Hungarian field covers on eBay for the price of the three that I'm selling. These are scarce and good price. $40.00
Chechen Covers Interesting set of five complete Chechen propaganda labels attached to postal covers of the Soviet Union. Notice that the labels have been canceled and registered in Grosny. $15.00
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