Danish Legion Stamps and Postal History

    Postal History

    On 22 May 1941, the Danish postal administration authorized Feldpost mail to be received in-country free of charge from German and Danish volunteers for mail weighing up to 250gms. A 20Rpf fee was applied in Germany for packages weighing from 250 to 1000gms for German recipients living in Denmark. An additional 25 Ore postage was applied to Danish recipients receiving Feldpost packages. Danish volunteers had the same free airmail service as their German compatriots.
    Domestic postal rates were charged to Danish citizens sending mail to German soldiers. The Danish postal authorities charge 15 Ore postal fee for postcards and a 20 Ore postal fee for letters weighing up to 250gms.

    In 1942, the postal rates changed to 20 Ore for letters weighing up to 50gms, and 30 Ore for letters and packages weighing from 50gms to 1000gms. All mail was examined and censored by German personnel.

    Danish Legion Stamps

    Danish Legion Stamps

    In 1944, the following three Feldpost charity labels shown above were issued to benefit the SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment "Danmark":
    1. The stamp shows the view of Roskilde cathedral and is in green color with a 25 Ore value.
    2. The stamp shows the view of Koldinghus fortress and is in blue color with a 50 Ore value.
    3. The stamp shows the view of Kronberg castle and is in red color with a One Krone value.
    These stamps are typographed and each label has the inscription "Feltpost." These labels had no postal significance and were not recognized by the post office.

    At the headquarters of the Danish Legion (Freikorps) in Copenhagen, 35 booklets each containing a pane of four of each value were found by the Danish resistance. These labels were produce by the Freikorps in an attempt to raise funds. Another 200 booklets were found containing similar labels overprinted "Feldpost" with a handstamp but were destroyed. Apparently, that represented almost the entire stock of handstamp labels, since no copies have appeared since.

    Schalburg Memorial Label

    Memorial charity label of the Freikorps Danmark commander von Schalburg

    Striking and very rare memorial issue, commonly known as the Schalburg Set. The Officer shown is the Danish Freikorps Commander von Schalburg, who was killed in action on June 2, 1942. The Freikorps Danmark was temporary attached to the 3rd SS Panzer-Grenadier "Totenkopf" Division, which was fighting near the Demyansk salient in northern Russia. To raise funds for the memorial of the Freikorps commander von Schalburg, a vertical se-tenant label was sold in blocks of ten by pro-Nazi Danish groups early September 1943. These labels have a color portrait of von Schalburg in Waffen-SS uniform. The upper label bears the denomination "50" and is inscribed: "Ved Ofre skabtes Danmarks Ere/C.F.V. Schalburgs Mindefond" (Our sacrifice created Denmark's honor). It also bears the Danish arm shield on each side of the portrait. The lower label has no denomination but the same inscription with one of the shields bearing the SS runes. In addition the headquarters for the Schalburg fund was at Falkonergaardsvei 11, Copenhagen, (abbreviated "Kbhvn"). This address also appears on the lower label.

    Danish NSAP Party Label

    Danish NSAP Label

    The Danish National Workers Party (NSAP) issued a propaganda charity label showing the party symbol; a rising red swastika over an ancient Nordic tomb with the slogan "Til Kamp!-For Sejr" (Fight for Victory!). Shown above is a Danish pro-nazi cover, notice the attached Danish NSAP Party Label.

    Danish Xmas Party Labels

    Danish DNSAP Party Labels

    On the top row you'll find Christmas seals with stylized swastikas. These labels were issue every year between 1939-1944 by the Danish Nazi Party.

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