Danish Legion Awards

    Danish D.N.S.A.P. party membership badges


    Shown above is an ordinary membership badge with white swastika outlined in gilt on red background.
    In the middle is the so-called "Frontfighter" badge with gilted swords worn by former front-line fighters from the collection of Soren Nielsen .
    The last item is the very rare Badge of Honor with gilt wreath and swords also worn by former front-line fighters from the collection of Soren Nielsen.

    Schalburg Corps

    The Schalburg Corps was the branch of the Germanic SS. Named after Christian Frederik von Schalburg, commander of the Freikorps Danmark who was KIA. The Danish Germanic SS was formed on 2nd February, 1943. On 30 March, 1943 the Danish Germanic corps was renamed "Schalburg Korps" (Schalburg Corps). Members who not had any Eastern Front combat experience had to go through a six week political indoctrination and combat training.

    Since its formation the corps was divided into two groups. Group one was uniformed and could bear arms while Group 2 was a civilian formation at the disposal of the corps but who are prevented from carrying on their work in Group One. According to a Danish source August 1943, the Schalburg Corp was assigned to the SS and was trained for combat. Members of the Corps were used as a Guard Battalion to protect railroads and crossroads from sabotage.

    The battalion was renamed "SS Vagt-Btl. Sjaelland" (SS Guard Battalion Zealand). The Schalburg Corps was disbanded on 28 February 1945. For more information on the Schalburg Corps recommend reading the excellent book by Hugh Page Taylor, Germanische SS 1940-45.

    Schalburg cuff band

    The Schalburg Cuff Band

    The Schalburg is machine woven BeVo style. The obverse and reverse has off-white woven wording and borders on black rayon material. The Schalburg cuff band was worn by Staff, NCO School, Guard Co and Landstormen of the Schalburg Corps.

    Schalburg Cuff Band

    The Schalburg Cross

    The date the "Schalburgkors" (Schalburg Cross) was instituted is unknown, It could be later than 1943, otherwise picture(s) of them being worn would have surfaced.
    The cross was manufactured by the Danish firm Heimbürger in Copenhagen.

    There were two classes issued one for officers and NCOs and the other for enlisted. Both crosses were die struck and measure 50mm x 50mm.

    Enlisted men wore a cross painted in off-white color with golden outer edges. The cross has a medallion in the center, which is soldered to the cross. The medallion has the golden inscription "TROSKAB. VOR. AERE" (LOYALTY. OUR. HONOR) and golden oak leaves below. In the inner ring is a white mobile swastika with an opaque red paint in the background.

    The officers cross has the same colors but was made of enameled with the cross being white. The red paint in the medallion was substituted by opaque red enameled and the oak leaves are gilded.

    The reverse on both crosses is flat with a semi scoop shape in the center and a single long golden pin attached on the top of the cross. On the enamelled badges about 5 to 6 decorations are known in Denmark.

    The cross was awarded to Schalburg members for recognition of service against the Danish Resistance and for those serving or killed in action in the Eastern Front. It has been recorded once that a cross was awarded to a Schalburg Corps member KIA probably from the Resistance. the Schalburg Cross was supposed to be worn on the left breast pocket of their uniform. According to military historians lots of the unissued crosses were found by the resistance in the Schalburg corps HQ during the liberation in May 1945 and kept as souvenirs - stories go around that they were thrown from the resistance movements lorries to the crowds in the streets of Copenhagen in May 1945 after the liberation.

    There are many reproductions some have different colors in the center of the medallion or have German style hinge, catch and pin.

    Schalburg Cross Schalburg Cross

    Schalburg Cross

    Award Wound Document to Danish SS Volunteer

    The Black Wound Document was awarded to a Danish Volunteer in the SS Pz-Gren Danmark Rgt. The Document shows the unit citation and signed by SS Obersturmbannführer Albrecht Krugel who was the regiment commander from 9 April 1944 to 16 March 1945. The Document is part of Soren Nielsen's collection.

    Danish Vol Wound Doc

    Black Wound Award Doc.

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