The reversible camouflaged 2nd model Waffen-SS field cap was introduced in December 1942 under the authority of Himmler (officially the 1st pattern non-reversible camouflage field cap was instituted in June 1942). It was constructed from the same cotton camouflage material as pullovers, showing the autumn and spring patterns. The sweet band is normally shown on the autumn side of the cap. These caps were either plain or had two ventilation holes with zinc metal grommets attached on each side. Regular Waffen-SS insignia was ordered worn on the cap front after December 1942 but it only lasted a few weeks before SS regulations indicated to remove all insignia. The insignia consisted of a machine-woven, dark tan on black deaths head and eagle for used in the autumn side and in bright green on black for the spring side.

Concerning the Waffen-SS camouflage patterns Professor Otto Schick who was the Director in charge made studies in selecting the correct camouflage patterns. Originally the camouflage patterns were hand painted, and later a roll printing press was used. The waterproof duck was printed on both sides for the camouflage caps. These caps were later modified using drill material, which was printed on one side. If you like to find out more about SS Headgear, I recommend Bender's book "Headgear of Hitler's Germany" Volume 2 by Halcomb and Saris.

M-43 Camo SS Cap M-43 Camo SS Autumn Cap M-43 Camo SS Spring Cap M-43 Camo SS Spring Cap

Waffen-SS Camouflage M-43 Field Cap

Waffen-SS M-43 Camouflage Field Cap

The Waffen-SS 2nd model reversible M-43 cap shows the camouflage pattern, which is commonly referred to as the oak leaf/blurred edge pattern. The autumn and spring colors have faded over the years and the metal grommets have been lost nevertheless a truly nice Waffen-SS cap.

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